Davenport's Alumni Mentor Network

Help support students through classes and first careers!

DU Alumni Mentor Network A Project of Student Life

Introducing the DU Alumni Mentor Network


Davenport University is launching a structured mentoring program in the 2017/18 school year for 15 student/mentor pairs. Students and mentors will have guidelines to ensure that all participants are actively engaged to get the most out of the experience.

As a person or company exploring funding this mentorship opportunity, you help pave the way for students to succeed at Davenport University and beyond. Our mentor pairs will spend time building a relationship, tracking goals, supporting each other's development and model professional behavior.

Thank you for helping us teach current Davenport students about their first steps into the working world or relaunching careers!

Here's how you can help:

$25 buys a networking coffee break

$50 buys a set of professional headshots for one student

$100 buys a networking lunch for two

$250 buys business cards for all of the students

$500 buys interview materials for all of the students

$1000 buys a lunch and learn opportunity at a local business, giving students access to career options and to learn about ways they can use their degrees in our community

Thank you for helping us launch this new program.

Supported by 13 Donations:

  • Consumers  C.
    I Gave $5,000
  • Hellen P.
    Hellen P. '16
    I Gave $20
    Excited about the program
    WALTER W. '78
    I Gave $100
  • Ann V.
    Ann V. '96
    I Gave $600
    So excited to see this idea become a reality!
  • Brian H.
    Brian H. '91
    I Gave $500
    DU has truly Blessed me and I am thankful to do this for future DU Greats!
  • Joel B.
    Joel B. '09
    I Gave $350
    My employer KPMG offers a full match. Thank you KPMG!
  • Joel B.
    Joel B. '09
    I Gave $350
    What a great program and opportunity for Davenport students. Excited to support this initiative!!
  • mark m.
    mark m. '96
    I Gave $600
    I am a proud Alum and feel we should do everything within our power to help fellow Davenport Students.
  • Keith & Kathryn K.
    I Gave $350
    I'm a proud alum and I'm pleased to give back in this way.
  • Jennifer W.
    I Gave $2,000
    Metro Health is proud to contribute to the DU Alumni Mentor Program. Go Panthers!
  • Gerilyn M.
    I Gave $300
    Proud to support this program! #PantherForever
  • Shelly W.
    Shelly W. '01
    I Gave $533
    I'm a proud alumni and happy to give to help create the Mentoring Network!
  • Sara M.
    Sara M. '09
    I Gave $50
    Excited for this program!