Help Nursing Students Complete Their Education

You can make sure that students have the supplies and support they need!

Nursing Resilience Fund A Project of Student Life

Becoming a nurse is intellectually challenging. Let's make sure students don't face financial challenges too.

Sometimes students encounter financial challenges in addition to a demanding program that combine to threaten their ability to focus on school. Every year, DU nursing students drop out due to financial reasons. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to student success and it's heartbreaking to watch this.

So they stepped in. Nursing faculty and staff came together to bring the Nursing Resilience Fund to life.

Right now, you can help some of these students by giving a gift that helps nursing students finish school by giving them access funds to pay for scrubs, childcare, tools, books, or other items that are required expenses for their education.

You can give a gift to the Nursing Resilience Fund now or by calling (616) 233-3216. If you have given a gift this year, thank you for supporting students at DU!

Thank you!